Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rockthedub radio 028

This is the official "My President Is Black" episode. Some highlights include "Barack Omilli", aka Barack Obama's Election Night Speech x the instrumental for "A Milli", with Jay-Z's "A Billi" freestyle tacked on for good measure. I also dropped the Block Obama Mini Mix DJ Cable did for RTD, because it needed to be in there.


01/Young Jeezy ft. Nas "My President Is Black"
02/DJ Green Lantern ft. David Banner, Busta Rhymes & Talib Kweli "Black President (Remix) (Part 1)"
03/Brother Ali "Obama (You're The Man)"
04/Nas "Election Night"
05/interlude: "Barack Omilli"
>>/DJ Cable "The Block Obama Mini Mix" begins
06/Crooked I "Rappers Ain't Shit"
07/Crooked I "Trafficin' Green"
08/Crooked I ft. Horse Shoe Gang "Circle Gang"
09/Crooked I "Hood Politics"
10/Crooked I "Welcome To My City"
11/Crooked I "Straightin' It Out"
12/Crooked I "Fast Money"
13/Crooked I "What Is Hip Hop?"
>>/DJ Cable "The Block Obama Mini Mix" ends
14/Jadakiss ft. Jay-Z "Who Run This"
15/Von Pea "Web 2009"
16/Spec Boogie ft. Elucid "Child Of The Soil"
17/Tanya Morgan ft. Torae & Kam Moye "Shake It Off (Aeon Remix)"
18/Elucid "Automatic Writing"
19/J-Zone "Zone For President"
20/J-Zone "Inauguration Day"
21/David Banner "When You Hear What I Got To Say"
22/Ruthless Bastards "Ruthless Bastards"
23/Q-Tip "Q-Tip For President"
24/Eric B & Rakim "Eric B For President"
25/interlude: Angie Martinez Interviews Jay-Z (Nov. 2008)
26/Jay-Z "History"

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